About the Author

Forrest fell in love with writing at an early age. He has pursued and succeeded in multiple avenues of professional and other careers, and now he has come full circle back to writing. He has authored multiple books and screenplays through the years and tries to nourish the adventurous spirit in us all. Forrest's writing typically begins with some pieces of actual history and then wraps a fictional story around those pieces, weaving a storyline that leads the reader on a journey of adventure, discovery, and learning, and hopefully, ends with an insightful and enjoyable romp through the ages. He considers his family his greatest treasure and gift. 


How long have you been writing novels? 16 years.

Who do you enjoy reading? A wide variety of authors, including David Baldacci and Michael Chrichton.

What advice can you give a person interested in writing books? Find a story that "lights you up" and get it down in print to capture the "heart" of the storyline; then edit and refine.

Is there a specific audience your books are written for? Anyone that loves adventure and unique circumstances/interactions of people and their realities. Readers that enjoy stories of actual historical events wrapped around a fictional set of characters and storyline. 

Are you writing other books? Currently, I am editing my next novel about life on, and growing up in, the streets of Hollywood, away from the glitter and fantasy and exposing the realities of the Entertainment Capital of the world, along with a new view of many stories. Based on a true story, "The Flats" gives a unique insight into the realities of the streets, and follows the story of breaking away from the quicksand that grabs hold, and does not want to let go. Very few make it out. This is the story of one that did, but also the amazing sacrifices needed to accomplish that end result. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? I find a piece of history that creates the unique opportunity to explore fictional events and characters immersed in that backdrop of historical realities.