The Replacement Cell

The oil companies ruled the world. Clar Dalen intended to change that. As a brilliant researcher and professor at UCLA, with a unique perspective on problem solving, he was working on discovering an alternative, renewable energy source. He was so close to an answer, when fate intervened. Clar, still drawn to his roots as an activist in the 60s, participates in a sit-in rally at a local Bertrand Oil drilling rig. The protest rally goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of a Bertrand Senior Executive at Clar's hands. It is an act of self-defense after the oil executive, the son of a former U.S. President, opened fire on the protestors and kills two of Clar's friends and then comes after Clar. A frantic and heart-stopping manhunt ensues, as Clar is forced to run for his life down through Mexico, across the Pacific Ocean and into Peru, where the chase continues deep into the wilds of the Amazon jungle. The ex-President, seeking vengeance for his son's death, uses his wealth and vast network of political and military resources to aid him in the manhunt. Just when capture seems inevitable, Clar is swept away by the rushing waters of an unforgiving Amazon river, only to be captured by a fearsome Amazon tribe which had never before interacted with the outside world. Seconds from death by his new captors, a relic from Clar's military service in Vietnam saved his life. A life that would never be the same. With help from sources never anticipated, Clar draws upon his vast scientific knowledge and unique heritage to continue his pursuit of alternate energy in the most unusual of all places. Get ready for a wild ride across the globe and through the jungle that not only saves a man from his demons, but gives the World hope for a better future.